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Monday, February 22, 2016

Review of 'Room' By Joe Morgenstern for the Wall Street Journal

"Room" is an extraordinary movie.  The film stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay and explores the small world this mother and son duo experience in a shed they are locked inside.   The traumatic adventure follows their struggle of survival, their escape and their assimilation into 'normal' life.  In Joe Morgenstern's review written for the Wall Street Journal, he summarizes this drama as, "poetic and profound in its exploration of the senses".  The sheer power that lies within the human mind is exploited in such circumstances, and Morgenstern captured this process with his review.  By describing the transformation of, "ghastly reality into an exquisitely intimate study of a mother's devotion and a child's efforts to understand", he perfectly captures the essence of "Room".
Furthermore, the performances of the two actors are incredible.  Their craft evolved completly throughout and challenged the permanence of suffering.  I truly enjoyed watching, and Morgenstern comprehended this well.  When he refers to Larson's character as "a creature of Room", he concludes his review so strongly that it completely resonated with my take of the film.  I just wish I could have written that myself.

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