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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Engaging Review

Note the first three grafs.

English: Line graph of cost of 30 second adver...
English: Line graph of cost of 30 second advertising spot during Super Bowl US television broadcast. Data taken from Wikipedia articles (if more than one price is given, lower has been set). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I went to Super Bowl City, and now you don’t need to. There’s nothing there.

Welcome to NFL City
Welcome to NFL City

Nothing, that is, unless you like to pay $8 for a Bud Light and $20 for a small lobster roll. Or you want to see a lot, lot, lot of police officers, many in full military gear with assault rifles. Or line up to have your picture taken with a headless statue of a quarterback. Or line up even longer for a zip line that runs about 30 feet over a fake Golden Gate Bridge in the enormous CBS Sports complex.
That’s about it. Seriously. For a tourist attraction sponsored by a $10 billion operation, it’s really, really lame. It has no relationship to San Francisco at all; it’s entirely a corporate theme park that would be much more at home in some Mall of America than at the foot of Market Street in one of the world’s great cities.

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