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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why "Gravity Falls"?

From TVbythenumbers

 “Gravity Falls” (9:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.)

Building on last week’s series high, an original episode of “Gravity Falls” registered the series' best ratings to date on Disney XD in Total Viewers (944,000) and across all target kids demographicsKids 6-14 (650,000/1.8 rating), Boys 6-14 (431,000/2.3 rating), Kids 6-11 (506,000/2.1 rating), Boys 6-11 (345,000/2.8 rating), Tweens 9-14(426,000/1.8 rating) and Boys 9-14 (280,000/2.3 rating) and its #2 telecast to date in Kids 2-11 (567,000/1.4 rating) and Boys 2-11 (366,000/1.8 rating).

  • Notably, “Gravity Falls” ranked as TV’s #1 telecast in its time period in Boys 6-14 and Boys 6-11, and placed a solid #2 in Boys 2-11 and Boys 9-14.

  •  “Gravity Falls” drove the network to all-time highs in the half hour in Total Viewers, Kids 6-14, Kids 6-11and Tweens 9-14, and its #2 delivery ever in Kids 2-11Time period highs were also achieved in Boy 6-14, 6-11 and 9-14 demos.

“Gravity Falls” (9:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.)

Leading into the all-new episode, an encore of the show’s season two premiere, which aired last Friday on Disney Channel, ranked as TV’s #1 telecast in the half hour in Boys 6-11 (326,000/2.7 rating) and placed a strong #2 in Boys 6-14 (373,000/2.0 rating) and Boys 9-14 (244,000/2.0 rating).

Disney XD is a basic cable channel and multi-platform brand showcasing a compelling mix of live-action and animated programming for Kids age 6-11, hyper-targeting boys and transporting them into worlds full of humor, unexpected fun and inspiring action-filled adventures. Disney XD-branded content spans television, online, mobile (WATCH Disney XD app) and VOD platforms. The programming includes series, movies and short-form, as well as sports-themed programming developed with ESPN. In the U.S., Disney XD is seen on a 24-hour, advertiser supported network that reaches 80 million households via its basic cable and satellite affiliates.  There are 30 Disney XD channels available in 25 languages around the world.

Here's something else worth knowing, though I doubt I'd put it in a reviewing other than to say something like "The stock market seems to like what Disney is doing with shows like Gravity Falls" and linking to the article from which I took the following, or one like it.  You don't have to say it unless you feel that a choice made in the show *might* be an effort to produce something most likely to attract eyeballs, and that in general Disney for kids attracts eyeballs.

The penetration of Disney Channel in the U.S. TV households has increased slightly from 95.1% in 2007 to 96.1% in 2013, translating into subscriber growth from 94 million to 99 million between 2007 and 2013. The average monthly subscriber fee has also increased from $0.83 in 2007 to an estimated $0.96 in 2013. This is much higher than its rival Nickelodeon network, which charges an estimated fee of $0.52 per month. However, Nickelodeon network supports advertisements and generated around $700 million of advertising income in 2013, representing 53% of the network’s overall revenues.

We estimate Disney Channel’s penetration will remain around current levels throughout our forecast period. We forecast U.S. pay-TV households to grow from 114 million currently to 120 million by 2020. TV penetration in U.S. households is very high, with around 98% of all U.S. households owning TV sets, hence we do not expect the penetration level to change much. This translates to an annual increase of around 1% in U.S. TV households, in line with the U.S. population growth. Disney Channel’s penetration level of 96% will translate to 105 million subscribers by 2020.

We expect subscription fee to continue to grow in the coming years and reach around $1.14 in 2020 driven by the network’s popularity among kids. Moreover, pay-TV companies sign multi-year agreements with content owners with pre-defined price increments each year. 105 million subscribers and $1.14 monthly subscription fee will translate into annual subscription revenues of close to $1.5 billion towards the end of our forecast period.

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