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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shared Taste in Music Predicts Sexual Attraction

We all knew this, and it's true of preferences for things other than music. Here's a lively bit of journalism lite giving that idea the once over - and informing us that there's a publication called the Psychology of Music.

The LA Times writer says:

There is a lot of research indicating that there is a relationship between music preferences and lifestyle. The study of various subcultures has led researchers to theorize that music preferences are associated with certain values (e.g., rock with social awareness and rebelliousness, pop with certain values about gender roles and conformity, etc.). These other two scholars named Rentfrow and Gosling (2003)--no, not Ryan Gosling of the band in Silverlake and various movies and TV shows wherein unsupervised teenagers get into sexually exciting situations--determined that people who like stuff like blues, jazz, classical, and folk are more open to experiences and pretty liberal. So communicating what we like is not only a shorthand way to tell people about how much we want to belong/stand out, it also tells people about what we value.

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