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Saturday, September 6, 2014

War Between Gamers and Some of Their Reviewers Turns Ugly

Here are the headlines from the Guardian story.

Gamergate: the community is eating itself but there should be room for all

The last fortnight has seen a raging battle between self-identifying gamers and games writers and critics. Does it have to be this way?

The bottom line is that this is an art where reviewers/critics seem to matter.

Enter the critics
With mainstream interest and contrasting voices, with idiosyncratic, challenging games on one side and massively successful brands like GTA and Call of Duty on the other, cultural critics began to take an interest in games and game-makers. The people who used to study movies and music for their sociopolitical significance turned their attention to games. Suddenly, there were cultural critics like Anita Sarkeesian applying an analytical lens to game tropes and conventions – and their ideas chimed with a new generation of games critics who wanted to investigate games in new ways.

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