Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Review

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Multimedia Assignment

English: A left arrow that can be used for nav...
English: A left arrow that can be used for navigations (in slideshows, for example) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Possible multimedia products

Three videos of your own reviews. Write a script and practice it before shooting.

An audio slideshow of campus art objects – sculptures? buildings?? – about which you make judgments.

Video interview – two to three minutes long - with local artist or critic or reviewer. (Great opportunity to ‘add value’ to your play review by doing an interview with a member of the cast or  crew.)

A Storify on an artist or art topic

Man on the Street interviews about a piece of art. (How about several interviews in front of the wolf statue in front of the library?)

Some of you have production skills and experience. What are your ideas??

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